Who We Are

CodeMight Media Technologies is an online advertising company that focuses on content marketing. We have over a decade of experience (operating since 2006), and we use cutting-edge technologies to get results for our clients.

What We Do

We provide expert-driven AI-enriched media solutions for online business owners. Here’s what it means:

Market Data Analysis

We analyze large data in every market we operate in. Our AI-driven in-house systems enable us to do it fast and with high accuracy.

Content Development

We develop content for websites that gets results. Our content is engaging, accurate, expert-approved, and we produce it fast.

Content Marketing

We maintain a portfolio of popular websites (reaching an audience of 1M+ users) across several verticals. This enables us to create content marketing campaigns that bring results.

Industry-leading Experts

We work with industry-leading experts in every market we operate in to ensure that our facts are always correct and content is engaging.

AI-assisted Writers

We employ writers and train them to use AI assistants to create engaging content at a large scale.

Experienced Marketers

Having so many articles across our websites gives our marketers the edge over the competition. But we take it a step further with cutting-edge outreach techniques.

What’s In It for You

Simply put, we get results via the evergreen content marketing model. In other words, we get you the content you want and put it in front of the clients you need.

What to Do Next

Get in touch with us for a project estimate or a quote: